$ 38.00

180 tablets

Typical Uses:  Locks up dietary fat to support healthy levels of triglycerides and cholesterol and help manage weight.

Nuvexa™ contains the soluble fiber alpha-cyclodextrin, patented as FBCx®. FBCx® has been researched for over a decade. Clinical studies show that Nuvexa™ assists in supporting healthy cholesterol and triglycerides and helps to maintain triglycerides after meals. While typical dietary fibers sequester dietary fat in an approximate 1:1 ratio, in the laboratory, FBCx® has demonstrated an impressive fat-complexing capability of 1:9. The FBCx®fat complex passes through the digestive tract without being absorbed and is metabolized and eliminated without unpleasant side effects. Nuvexa™ assists in supporting normal blood lipids. Nuvexa™ can also help to manage weight by reducing the absorption of dietary fat when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program.

Suggested Use: Adults take 2 tablets with meals or snacks three times per day. Ensure adequate intake of water when taking Nuvexa™.

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